Custom Solutions For Any Industry

Applicant Insight has been an industry leader for over 25 years, and has the experience and essential affiliations in workforce screening services to create unique solutions designed to meet industry specific needs.

Applicant Insight is actively involved in our trade association, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, with personnel sitting on key committees and leadership positions. This enables Ai to remain at the forefront of industry standards and best practices, as well as be among the first to become aware of legislation that may be problematic to our industry and clients.

Applicant Processing

Utilizing our state-of-the-art Applicant Processing Center and dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Applicant Insight manages the client’s onboarding process of candidates from the point of initial offer through the final approval of background check, drug test, and clinical service.

We handle 100% of the logistics in ensuring that customized processes, steps and functions are monitored and managed by our staff to ensure that the process completes timely and successfully.

Background Checks

Ai offers professional design and execution of an intelligent background research and reporting program that ensures compliance with regulating agencies governing the use of background checks in the workplace, limits your hiring risks, and promotes a safe and accountable workforce.

Forms Automation

Using NoMoreForms™, candidates can log onto the system through a secure web-based portal and complete forms and documents from any computer connected to the Internet. The application simplifies the labor and paper-intense process of hiring, contracting, or engaging with candidates. The process is automated, managed with user-defined business rules, and integrated with outside suppliers.

Our solution improves form processing times. The application enables a candidate to complete every form, including benefit forms and government or other regulatory forms, without the need to enter the same information twice, regardless of the number of forms.

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Systems Integration

Ai's technological capabilities range from Internet applications, web based support, data file transfers, HR forms automation and FTP transactions to full system integration with existing ATS/HRIS applications.

In those cases, where our clients have an ATS or HRIS system in place, they can take advantage of Ai's value-added service of applied use and practical application of the schemas and communication methodologies used to support various systems integrations, standard data file transfers or FTP transactions.

Ai's IT team has extensive experience developing communication protocols with a number of Applicant Tracking Systems, as well as the more complicated HRMS used to manage the employee life cycle.

State-of-the-Art Web Tools

Ai's web tools include a state-of-the-art web-based program administration with online access. This solution provides clients with the highest quality of tracking efficiency, and it enables web-based data entry, real-time status updates via the web, and e-mail alerts on completed checks.

The Ai secure online portal offers easy-to-use tools for rapid and collaborative decision-making. The portal is available 24/7, can be used in any location that has Internet access, and includes features such as:

  • Multiple permission levels enable data sharing among multiple locations or business units.
  • Color-coded results enable rapid identification of information and items requiring attention.
  • Internal programmable automation ensures program consistency at all hiring levels.
  • A secure archiving system that allows access to all requested screening information for the long term. Exceptionally user-friendly point and click system.
  • Restricted system access based on multiple permission levels allows customers to manage data flow while maintaining security and compliance with the FCRA and other governing laws.
  • Authorized users are assigned a unique user ID and password for use in ordering and/or retrieving search information.

The portal also features detailed and summary-level investigation results, compliance reference material, and built-in forms management. It can be accessed by an unlimited number of authorized users at any time, from any location with Internet access.

Additionally, Ai can support orders via Fax, Secure Email and Data file transfers. Ai has the flexibility and capability to perform integration or file transfers at all levels. FTP transactions are fully supported through our in-house IT staff through secure portals. Full system integration, with 3rd Party Platforms can be is accomplished through HR-XML. Ai enjoys the prestigious certification granted by the HR-XML Consortium, HR-Certify.

HR-XML Open Standards Certification

Applicant Insight's HR-XML Certification opens doors with trading partners and end-users alike. As the process of onboarding applicants becomes increasingly competitive, having the ability to integrate with workforce screening partners insures improved workflow, consistent compliance, and access to critical data for clients.

Being certified by the HR-XML Consortium validates our efforts to stay on the forefront of increasingly evolving technology requirements. Simply stating that you as a company can integrate is no longer good enough. Applicant Insight is among the leaders in our industry who can state with confidence, "Our solutions are HR Open Standards Certified!"

Industry Specific Solutions

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Industry Credentials

BSCC Accreditation

Applicant Insight's background screening solutions are accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) as recognized by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

To become accredited, consumer reporting agencies must pass a rigorous onsite audit, conducted by an independent auditing firm, of its policies and procedures as they relate to six critical areas: consumer protection, legal compliance, client education, product standards, service standards, and general business practices.

HR Open Standards Certification

Applicant Insight is proud to be HR Open Standards Certified

C-TPA Certification

Cerified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA) Certification received from the Substance Abuse Professional Administrator Association (SAPAA).