Driver Qualification File Management

Applicant Insight provides clients a state of the art electronic, proprietary solution to manage Driver Qualification Files as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). A web-based platform that allows authorized users to access the Electronic DQ files and Company Reports and Dashboards from any location 24/7/365.

Transportation companies with regulatory requirements under DOT and FMCSA will benefit from automating their DQ file management with Applicant Insight’s DQFM solution gaining greater process efficiency, significant cost savings and ensuring consistent compliance with the law. Our competitively priced solution can save companies up to 30% over their existing provider.

Key Solution Capabilities

Applicant Insight's driver qualification files solution extends the capabilities necessary to accurately manage new driver qualification files, and ensure that compliance is maintained on an ongoing basis.

  • DQ File Management for Active and Inactive Drivers
  • DQ File Creation for New Drivers
  • Manage both CDL & Non-CDL drivers
  • Ability to store unique company documents in addition to required DOT documents
  • Manage Expiring Renewable Items with Automated System & Email Alerts
  • Electronic DOT Auditor Access to specific file documents and audit selections
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities through micro-strategy

Program Management

Ai's staff of dedicated auditors understand the DOT's regulatory requirements and can manage all regulatory required functions to ensure compliance, including the following management functions:

  • DQ File Creation for New Drivers
  • Audit of File Documents to Ensure Compliance
    • Audit Against Regulatory Requirements
    • Audit Against Company Requirements
  • Manage Expiring & Renewable Items
  • Provide Notice of 'Out of Compliance' Files
    • Notices sent at 30 day, 15, 7 and 1 days intervals in advance of being in violation
    • Escalation Hierarchy for Notices (field, management, corporate)
  • Perform all necessary screening requirements: Background Screening, MVRs, Drug Testing and Physicals

Driving Record Checks

Driving Records

The Driving Records check typically includes validation of license, current status, class and expiration date. Accident and violations on record are also provided.

This driving record check is performed through the state of license issuance and usually includes three to five years of history depending on state.

Requirements to access driving records vary by state.

CDL Validation (CDLIS)

Established by the US Secretary of Transportation, the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) is a federal clearinghouse and repository of commercial driver licensing data.

The system retains records of a driver's current commercial license and up to three previous licenses. A CDLIS search will not return actual driving records or suspensions; it only provides the state in which the driver currently has a commercial license and up to three previous licenses.

You may choose to do a Driving Record check for any or all of the states in which CDLIS indicates the driver has had a commercial license.

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BSCC Accreditation

Applicant Insight's background screening solutions are accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) as recognized by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

To become accredited, consumer reporting agencies must pass a rigorous onsite audit, conducted by an independent auditing firm, of its policies and procedures as they relate to six critical areas: consumer protection, legal compliance, client education, product standards, service standards, and general business practices.

HR Open Standards Certification

Applicant Insight is proud to be HR Open Standards Certified

C-TPA Certification

Cerified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA) Certification received from the Substance Abuse Professional Administrator Association (SAPAA).

American Trucking Associations Allied Member

Applicant Insight is proud to be an allied member of the American Trucking Associations.