Forms Automation with NoMoreForms™

A Paperless, Automated Workflow Solution

NoMoreForms™ is an earth-friendly software solution and patented software technology that simplifies and streamlines document processing associated with a full array of multiple-step business processes by eliminating the use of paper. The solution collects, routes, processes, manages and distributes documents and information for many tasks that are traditionally paper-intensive. Subscribers report an average 38 percent reduction in costs derived from higher productivity and increased data integrity achieved by fewer internal resources.

A Green Solution

Our clients report a 38% average reduction in costs since adopting the NoMoreForms™ system.

This solution provides companies with an internet-based application designed to provide a paperless workflow. The application was designed specifically to support companies who are involved in heavily regulated industries.

Using NoMoreForms™, candidates can log onto the system through a secure web-based portal and complete forms and documents from any computer connected to the Internet. The application simplifies the labor and paper-intense process of hiring, contracting, or engaging with candidates. The process is automated, managed with user-defined business rules, and integrated with outside suppliers.

Our solution improves form processing times. The application enables a candidate to complete every form, including benefit forms and government or other regulatory forms, without the need to enter the same information twice, regardless of the number of forms.

Applicant Insight (Ai) offers a time-tested technology platform and a team committed to providing an optimal customer experience.

Our solution offers several advantages to clients:

  • Our team's outstanding proficiency in technology integration enables fast and cost-effective solutions to leverage your HRIS or HRMS system.
  • Our solution's attractive, easy-to-use graphical interface with intuitive navigation tools promotes swift adoption of the new system by internal users, and minimizes costs associated with training and rollout.
  • Unlimited volume and storage capacity enables our solution to meet any clients demanding forms management requirements.
  • Flexible system architecture and fast configuration enable rapid solution delivery, upon execution of a contract.
  • Our solution features a fully-automated paperless workflow, which reduces labor requirements and costs, lowers risks associated with human error, and optimizes efficiency.
  • Our solution features dedicated customer care, including a toll-free hotline available Monday — Friday, 8 AM — 8 PM EST.
  • Our management team of screening industry leaders aligns the program with individuals who formulate industry best practices, and guide national drug and background screening policies.


  • Our web-based platform requires no special hardware or software, and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Displays an electronic copy of every form required for the candidate to complete online.
  • NoMoreForms™ automatically cascades form responses from one form to all other forms that share or repeat common data. In other words, a user only enters a single piece of information once, regardless of the number of forms.
  • Once all forms are complete, the candidate digitally signs each form and submits to a secure website. The forms are then routed to the authorized management team approvers.


  • Branded portals and forms
    We can also take your customized forms and build our electronic fields around them in order to maintain your corporate identity.
  • Integration Flexibility
    We are HR-XML certified, which means that our solutions are based on open data exchange standards for trouble-free integration with customers and partners. We also support many alternative options depending upon the product and the requirements. We can easily configure and support bi-directional feeds, in real time, at any point in the process. Additionally, we can trigger an integration based on a status update — manual or automated.
  • Implementation
    NoMoreForms™ software is totally web-based. The only thing needed to start using the software is a simple connection to the Internet. There is no need to purchase or maintain expensive hardware equipment. The applications are easy-to-use, and the NoMoreForms™ development team will guide you through the process until it becomes second nature.
  • Responsiveness and Customer Service
    We take pride in our ability to respond quickly to client requirements. Our fundamental approach is to configure, build, or customize whatever you need to get the job done. We are eager to start the process of reconfiguring our existing platform to adapt to your workflow and requirements.
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